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Monday, July 12, 2010

Management - Foreword

My main reason for writing about management is that I have a vision of a working society in which people are respected as human beings. I hate to see mature and intelligent adults conditioned and blackmailed into subservient roles by arrogant and ruthless bosses. I have to do something about it, even if it is just writing what few people will ever read.

Let's face it, despite all the talking about people being the biggest asset of a company, not enough managers really believe it, especially among those sitting on executive chairs. The bloody bastards still have better chances of making career than those who prefer to work with people rather than taking advantage of them.

I believe that being hard nosed is not necessary. It is possible to be firm without repressing. It is possible to remain in control without handcuffing. It is possible to tell without offending.

What you have just read is an extract from the foreword of a book on management I started writing in 2004. I wrote the first few chapters with enthusiasm, but once I had expressed my principles of management ethics, I stopped.  After all, everything I did as a manager rested on my core principles. Once I had them on paper, anything more would have been redundant. I abandoned the idea of writing a book. No more fame. No more millions. But now that I have a blog, I can dispense my wisdom in its sublime and unadulterated conciseness!

In the next days, I will post my Words for you to marvel at. :-)

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