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Friday, December 28, 2012

Authors' Mistakes #8 - Graham Tattersall (addendum)

I’ve given up reading Geekspeak. It is too stupid.

In four sentences that appear towards the end of Chapter 11 (pages 103 and 104), Tattersall refers three times to the bomb dropped on Hiroshima as an atomic bomb, and three times to modern multi-megaton bombs as nuclear bombs. He must think that there is a difference between an atomic bomb and a nuclear bomb!

So, here is somebody with a PhD (probably in Math) who doesn’t know that the Hiroshima bomb was a nuclear bomb.

The front flap of the book jacket says: Dr. Graham Tattersall, a confirmed and superior geek, and, later: Math has a new champion, and the Geeks a new King.

BS, I’d say.

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