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Monday, January 6, 2014

Earlobes? Go figure!

A couple of days ago, I checked which ones of the more than 200 articles in this blog had attracted most page views.  Here is what I discovered:

OO - UML Behavior Diagrams (Sep 6, 2010) Computer Science 391898
Fortran and Eclipse on the Mac (Jan 4, 2011) Computer Science 331992
OO - UML Structure Diagrams (Sep 5, 2010) Computer Science 328082
Earlobes (Mar 19, 2012) Science, Me 3000140
Sudoku - A Handsome Samurai (Jan 19, 2011) Computer Science, Games & Puzzles 107530
Board Games (Feb 26, 2012) Games & Puzzles 49322
GLUT in C with Eclipse on the Mac (Feb 6, 2011) Computer Science 47413
KenKen Strategies (Mar 5, 2011) Games & Puzzles 46814
Homo Novus (Jul 24, 2010) Computer Science, AI 42010
Dismissive people, power, and all that (Jun 4, 2012) Society 32816

Computer Science, which actually includes everything concerning programming and software development, seems to be the clear winning subject, with six presences and the first three positions, followed by Games & Puzzles.

But, the longer an article is online, the more opportunities it has to attract viewers.  I have no fun to go through all the articles and divide each number of page views by the corresponding time since publication, but I did it for the top 10.  The column Freq is the approximate result when time is measured in months.

Again, Computer Science, at least in the limited scope of the sample, comes out as the winning subject, but look at Earlobes!

To be completely sure, one should check that there are no very recent articles with proportionately many views.  For example, a two-month-old article with 300 page views would not appear in the top 10 but would still rate 150 page views per month, higher than Earlobes.  Well, I checked out all articles with at least 100 page views, and they were all older than a few weeks.

It could still be that a very recent article will shot to the top, but to determine that we will have to wait.  For example, the article before this one, published two days ago, has been viewed so far 12 times.  Six views per day correspond to 180 views per month, but it is too soon to tell.

In conclusion, for the time being, my most viewed article is a 300-word article on different types of earlobes and how I need sometimes to flatten them up when I lay in bed.   MMmmm...

I know...  You might be thinking "What do I care about what a handful of people like to read in Giulio's blog?"  You are right.  But then, why have you read till here?   :-)

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