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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Authors' Mistakes #29 - P.Warren & M.Streeter

I recently completed reading cyber alert, by Peter Warren & Michael Streeter.  Not uninteresting and, in general, easy to read.  But several mistakes crept in.

# Page Description
1 5 "How can she allowed".  A "be" between "she" and "allowed" is missing.
2 27 "would come under attack from sustained attack from determined criminals".  One "attack" and one "from" would be enough.  The two words "attack from" between "under" and "sustained" should go.
3 28 "a person who no real proven desire".  A "had" between "who" and "no" is missing.
4 31 "take the view that - as I did - that Parliament".  It is in a quote, but it would surprise me if the first "that" was in the original text.
5 43 "the attack on the twin towers of 9 September 2001".  If the Americans did what the rest of the world does and write the day before the month, such confusions would never take place.  They could also go metric and forget gallons, inches, feet, yards, miles, ounces and pounds, but that's another story.  Then, perhaps, when they get going, they could also switch from Fahrenheit to Centigrade.  After all, Star Trek was metric!
6 57 "The work carried out at such sites as Symantec in Hampshire is just a part of the massive security effort aimed at keeping computers and the internet from being attacked by criminal and terrorists".  It sounds good, but it is impossible to prevent attacks.  All you can do is prevent the attacks from having damaging or catastrophic results.
7 61 "in spite of the avowal of government units [...] that part of their remit".  There should be an "it is" between "that" and "part".
8 95 "Such is the speed with which criminals role out new technology".  Replace "role" with "roll".
9 125 "the source's impeccable credentials [...] least raise at the very least some intriguing questions".  Replace "least raise at the very least" with "at the very least raise".
10 146 "not to reply on operating systems that worked on just once basic code".  Two mistakes in one sentence: replace "reply" with "rely" and "once" with "one".
11 152 "The Philippines did not that at the time have".  Remove "that".
12 225 "trend is beginning to merge".  With what?  Replace "merge" with "emerge".

OK.  I concede that none of the mistakes I detected are conceptual.  It is already something.  But they are still annoying, though.  For the record, I do read books in which I don't detect any mistake at all!

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